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Expert CyberSecurity Solutions

PRESIDIUM Solutions provides Cyber Security expertise and innovative solution delivery, allowing organizations to achieve real security across all levels of their enterprise.


Our service lines are tailored to accelerate implementation while bringing cost of deployment and ownership under control.  We specialize in Privileged Account Management and Identity Management solution delivery.

PRESIDIUM enables organizations go beyond 'Check the Box' security.  Let us do the same for you today.

Our Servuces

Our 'TurnKey' solution delivery model focuses on a results driven, fixed fee, modular based approach.

Presidium enables you to achieve attainable security goals within defined timeframes at a known cost.


'Labs' is focused on custom development of  connectors, plugins and dashboards.

Our customized components extend the capabilities of your current solutions in a cost effective manner.

Elite Consulting

'Elite Consulting' works in partnership with your security team to provide health-checks, punch list fixes, troubleshooting and tier 2/3 on-demand support.


Security resources are in high demand, leverage our expertise to keep your efforts on track and productive.

Worried About The Cloud?

 Insufficient identity, credential and access management is one of the top threats to enterprise cloud computing today.

Cloud Security Alliance “2017 Treacherous 12

Ready to find out more?

Feel free to contact us to discuss your unique situation.  We take great pride in our technical knowledge and years of experience.  Your success is our greatest achievement!

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